GameHounds Episode 18: Hawkes is Done With Hate

Another weekend, another fabulous episode of GameHounds. This time with 100 percent more Hawkes.

First, let us apologize for the quality of the “Sing it Hawkes” segment. The ol’ Interwebs kinda got overloaded with the marvelous singing and started to get a little weird, and while we tried our best to “fix it in post,” the podcast gods would have none of that. It’s still mighty amusing, if not perfectly recorded.

This episode we rip through a host of topics in our effort to be tighter and give you more news and less ramble. Don’t get us wrong: There’s still a lot of classic moments, including how Grand Theft Auto is like your crazy ex-girlfriend.

Yeah, needless to say, this episode is EXPLICIT! Yes, Hawkes and Edie finally cast off the bindings of propriety and get back to their old let-it-all-hang-out selves.

Topics and links (which, if you’re a Fable-series fan, you’ll want to check out) after the jump.


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