Happy Second Birthday, Xbox GamerchiX

Well I’m actually a day late, sorry for that. But I didn’t want to miss this announcement. Yesterday the GamerchiX turned 2 years old, so Happy Birthday to all you GamerChix in the gaming community. That is an awesome group that Trixie and team has created and it has done a whole lot of good for girl gamers around the world.


Thousands of gamer girls from dozens of countries around the world are now celebrating their second year as an Xbox GamerchiX.

It all started with a forum post on June 5, 2006. The subject was “Looking for Xbox GamerchiX” and in just two years, that post has led to a thriving all-girl gaming group. Members include lifelong gamers as well as women who are very new to video games.

GamerchiX include students, professionals, full-time Moms, professional gamers, soldiers and sailors, artists, game developers, grandmas, and chiX that knit, race motorcycles, design tattoos, teach school. What we’ve all got in common is GAMES! Here are some birthday messages from ‘chiX that have been with us since day one, and ‘chiX that are new recruits.

For more info about the GamerchiX be sure to check them out,, and if your a girl gamer, make sure to join their community as its a great group to be apart of.

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  • I’m even later than Steve. A big congrats to Trixie360 and all the GamerChix out there. I’ve been killed by several. Here’s hoping for another great 2 years of 360, but then will Trixie have to change her name to Trixie720?