Three is a crowd

As many of you may already know Soul Caliber four is going to have two very special characters. They are Star Wars Jedi Yoda (Appearing on Xbox 360) and Darth Vader (Making an Appearance on Playstation 3) bring their force powers with them to boot. To give George Lucas even more money they have added another Jedi. Most logical people are most likely to guess a popular Jedi like Luke Skywalker or Obi-wan. Well your wrong there. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed star known as Starkiller is the third Jedi.

By Mark Whiting, 06/06/2008 (
Much has been said about the addition of Star Wars characters to Namco Bandai’s upcoming Soul Calibur IV. While purists have raised objections to what is obviously a canny marketing maneuver, the company is hoping that the presence of clashing lightsabers will help push the sales envelope beyond just the hardcore fighting fanbase.

This ambition been made a little more apparent today with the announcement of a third Jedi now entering into the Soul Calibur fray. In a crazy bit of industry cross-promotion, Vader’s ‘secret apprentice’ Starkiller — from upcoming LucasArts action title Star Wars: The Force Unleashed — will apparently be joining either his master or Yoda in Soul Calibur IV.

Fans debating whether to buy the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions needn’t worry however. According to GameSpot, Starkiller will be appearing as a cross-platform character on both of the next-gen platforms. Look for the new character when Soul Calibur IV launches July 29th or check his debut trailer below.

I’m not the biggest fighting fan (One bad time with Virtua Fighter 5 is all it took), but with the addition of lightsabers how can you say no to playing with those bad boys. All the Jedi even have force powers they can use. The question is will the game sell with the addition of star wars characters. Just like in Soul Caliber 2 buying the respected version (PS2 – Heihachi Mishima from Tekken,¬† Xbox – Spawn from the comic Spawn, Gamecube – Link From Zelda) would net you the ability to play as them. The only problem is that these characters where temporary and not official. Hopefully this time he can see Yoda, Vader, and possibly Starkiller as fighters beyond soul Caliber 4.

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