“Face the Nation” Q & A for June 8, 2008

It is Sunday, and you know what that means. No, not the standard fare of chores, going to the grocery store–not even watching your favorite sport on television. Sunday means more hosts from Platform Nation stand up to the challenge of facing the Nation.

This week on deck are Desz, host of TQ Cast, and RodderXP, host of Squad XP. I inquire about the recent events of Konami versus the media in the attempt to silence all outlets from disclosing certain information about the highly anticipated release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Q: With all of the talk about Konami restricting reviewers from talking about certain items and features in the game, do you feel the publisher has a right to do this? If you feel some items should not be talked about, what might those be?

Desz: “I think Konami is so hooked on MGS4 because that is all they have. This can make them or break them, so they don’t want the game to get a bad rep before its release. But restricting reviewers from talking about certain features in the game, like the rumored 90 minutes cut scenes, seems like Konami is scared to lose sales. I recommend people avoid all the talk and reviews and use that time to play your favorite MGS game for the time being (MGS for the PS1!!!) And I didn’t mean what I said about them not having any other games, the also have “Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party”.. So my apologies.”

RodderXP: “Well if it is really good you would want everyone to know about how good it actually is to compel them to buy it, and it’s shady when they hide things. It only makes you wonder as to why what trade secrets can be taken to de-hype the game if it’s worth buying? I personally do not think its fair that they do this however they do have every right to after all it is their product. The only thing they should keep private are the tools of the trade any development software new technology things like that. But to not allow people to talk about it is bad for 2 reasons. 1; being no one can say how good it is, and 2; no one can say how much it may suck.”

Q: Is the “do-not-speak-of” list Konami gave to the media a suitable request? Do you think that telling the consumer in the review about the length of loading time, install, and cutscene lengths will do the game damage?

RodderXP: “While load times are a pain, I don’t think it would sway my purchase of any game. However them (media) not being able to comment on it leads you to believe that the loading can take a while. We know nothing loads relatively fast on the PS3, if this game would have some speedy loading times it would be something to rave about, not something to keep on the low. As far as cut scene lengths and installation goes, you have to understand this is the like the Halo to PS fans. The cutscenes are going to be long, there is plenty of story they want to fit in, and show off some high definition CG clips to keep the true fan boys happy. It is just an inconvenience we have to deal with them to play.”

Desz : “I like Konami, only I like Okami better. It won’t change sales. It doesn’t matter, people will buy it, people have been waiting for this, people love snake’s old ass. So what if the cut-scenes are long, its not like I will be sober enough to fully understand the reasons it feels like a movie when it really is a game. Besides if the cutscenes are really that bad, I’ll get on the Wii-Fit during the cutscenes and get all ripped up for the summer.”

Q: Will the backlash from the media about Konami’s list affect the sales for this title?

Desz : “PS3 will only sell more consoles with the release of MGS4. Will I get the game? Probably not, do I think the game will be good? I don’t know. But the fact that they are releasing it, I respect that. It reminds of the time a Jungle-Juice creation took a turn for the worse. Stay away from everclear! But play Pixel Junk Monsters.”

RodderXP : “It may, you never really know with these things. This is their summer blockbuster game, so to speak, so the wave of fans that have supported and loved the Metal Gear series over the years may be enough to get them above and beyond their sales goal. There is one thing I have come to understand about Sony in the video game industry: Never underestimate how loyal their fans/gamers are to their products. This I know because I have been trying to persuade them to the 360 side and join the Microsoft team for almost 6 years, and no matter how good your argument is they always have an excuse. I tell you right now, they are getting my money.”

The upcoming weeks will determine if Konami’s move to control what reviewers say on the title will have any affect.

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  • Hey Desz, your such an XBOT.. what am I saying, this whole platformnation is a XBOT nation. You can’t even give the respect the MGS series deserves. Watch at the end of the year MGS4 is going to sell more than your dumb overrated FPS …. know as Halo3.

  • @eaglebreak PN doesn’t give MGS the respect it deserves?? Have you not read the MGS articles that we have had up on the site over the past month??

    As for the FtN I thought that this was a decent one. I’m not a MGS fan so the questions really weren’t for me but I thought both Desz and Rodder had some nice responses.