Humpdate 06-10-08

It’s Wednesday, and that means your Humpdate is ready to server. Pop it in the oven, set heat to 350 degrees, and bake for approximately 58 minutes.

Usually this is the place where we list out our topics. But it’s late, and I’m high on Double Chocolate Malted Crunch ice cream and I haven’t changed the sheets on the bed.

In other words, this week, the show notes are taking a holiday. Let me just break it down for you:

Blah, blah, blah, Metal Gear Solid 4, blah, blah, Portal 2, blah, blah, Haze (blech!), iPhone, Call of Duty, blah, blah, Xbox, Playstation 3, blah, blah, Edie will guest on the next episode of The Married Gamers Podcast (listen to it, bitches!).

Yeah, that sums it up.

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