Roogoo Review (XBLA)

Game Review: Roogoo

Release: June 4, 2008

Genre: Arcade Puzzle

Developer: SpiderMonk Entertainment

Platform: Xbox 360

Player(s): 1-4 (On one console) 2 (Online)

MSRP: $10.00 (800 Points)


ESRB Rating: E
File size: 65 MB

Roogoo has a simple premise. Play Tetris and amplify the difficulty to ten. You are a tasked with saving the planet Roo by dropping “meteors” to the bottom of the stage. It is a simple concept, but the later levels get insanely difficult. That almost set me away, yet I always came back for one more round.


It was shocking how well each background looked. The start of the game you are in clouds surrounded by floating platforms. The more you progress a darker tone is seen as you travel to the center of Roo. The game is full of color so it is very difficult to get bored playing this game. The game also supports high-definition graphics which of course only improve the game.



Sound is an issue for me and playing this game. The background music would only change when you went on to a completely new stage of levels. The Meemoo’s didn’t have that much going for them in turns of a grunt or two. Needless to say this could of used a little more help than it received


This is classic Tetris action with a twist. You have to rotate each platform so that the pieces all fall into the correct hole. The game takes this to a different level when it introduces Meemoos (Enemies) which requires making the pieces go faster to knock them off the platform. Then pieces gain speed in the bursting level, but they always slow down for the last platform. Pieces will eventually have a dark side and light side to them which have to be connected so that you don’t lose any of the pieces. Butterflies and bats bring pieces back up through the platform(s) which leads to several explicit words being thrown around. The game platforms will have caps that open up and close down, twisting platforms and several mixes of all of the above the more you play.



Roogoo will get very fast, the more you play it the faster it gets. The problem is that the game consists of using the face buttons and the two bumpers. This becomes an issue when bursting (extra fast) stages get mixed with Meemoos (some with swords) and twisting platforms. The game gets very hard the more you progress which saw me leaving to play another day. The A button is the button to make the meteors go faster, yet sometimes it wouldn’t respond.


Roogoo has online and offline multiplayer modes. If you get enough friends to come over and play you could possibly have as much fun as playing golden eye on the Nintendo 64. Roogoo also has over forty levels of increasing difficulty. It has twelve achievements worth 200 points total. There was a problem that I was faced with after playing all the levels in multiplayer mode. On the last level (Tower of Moo) my brother had won the match and the screen was starting to turn white and just froze. It is explained if this will happen to you, because we played for about three hours with no breaks.



For 800 Microsoft points (ten dollars) this game comes in pretty good price wise. You get a really good game with awesome multiplayer aspects. This game is deserving of at least an attempt to play. I would recommend downloading the demo. If you are really into the puzzle games then this is a must have. It maybe on the cute side, but it can get pretty hectic.


I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants a puzzle game. With a group of friends, some stranger online, or some solo play there is great fun to be had. The learning curve is pretty hard to grasp, but you will enjoy Roogoo.



I personally am not a fan of puzzle games. I find them to be far too similar and easy when you grasp the controls. This is different because each level something different is thrown at you. I would have liked the story to be better than save the world, but it is an Xbox live arcade title. When things get tough in the game make sure to go take a break it will help. I would have to say this is one puzzle game I am going to keep playing for a while though.

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  • Seems like the type of game that is right up my alley. I will download the demo and check it out.

  • Mr B4

    Seems like the type of game that is right up my alley. I will download the demo and check it out.

  • Ross

    The demo won’t let you do everything, but it is a very fun game to play.

  • Once I played the demo, I knew I was going to purchase this time game and I did just that.

    Good review and absolutely fun game.

  • Cephiros

    Once I played the demo, I knew I was going to purchase this time game and I did just that. Good review and absolutely fun game.