TQcast Episode 36

TQcast back in the studio with EP36: (1:35) First Official TQvision- clips of TQcast Episode 36. 36 a dedication to Juice’s best friend, GUI J vs Juice freestyle battle, new iPhones old hate, MGS1!! is near…. yes 1, 3D Blue-Ray, 40gig PS3 can play PS2 games, can wii fit get Desz ripped? Qore on my spot, how to get free gas, plus the video games, album, movie, and the drink tip that will make u feel extra good in every way! Don’t fall asleep on this one.. Sorry bout the f*n sniffles Desz getting attacked by the tomato bug.

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TQvision EP36 Video Clip 1 – TQvision EP36 Video Clip 2

TQvision EP36 Video Clip3

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