We Have Warlords Codes

Hey all.

Trixie over at once again graced us with her wit, wisdom, beauty and a few more game codes.

I’ve also learned my lesson from the last time we gave out codes: Don’t make it too easy.

Last time, I was a bit of a dumbass and didn’t think that I’d get flooded with requests. I was thrilled, until I looked at our numbers and found that our downloads hadn’t jumped much.

Then I noticed that the top search for our website was “Battlefield demo tokens.” So, to all you faithful GameHounds listeners who didn’t get a Battlefield demo token, I apologize. It was my naievete and shortsightedness that caused a bunch of non-GameHounds listeners to get their codes and then continue on their merry way without so much as a thank you, much less a download.

So this time, you will have to work for them.

On GameHounds Episode 20, we will provide you with a key in order to get a code for Warlords on XBLA. Without that key, you will not get a code. I will give them out on a first-come, first-served basis, but only to those people who provide the right key.

I’m sorry I have to do it this way, but it’s really the only way to reward real GameHounds listeners. We work hard for this podcast, and it’s great we’re getting swag for you. It’s a give and take: The more listeners we get, the more swag. The more swag means we pass it on to our listeners.

So check out GameHounds Episode 20 on Sunday for your chance to get a Warlords code.

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