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Hey what is up everybody at Xblradio and Platform Nation, it is Mr B4 here giving you the latest news as to what is going on in the gaming community. I know I have not posted an article in awhile, and I apologize for that. What will be happening now is I will be bringing you an article every week from now on, one week having a news story, the other being my thoughts on a game I just recently played.

Enough of the apologzies, let us get right into the article, which today will be my thoughts on The Incredible Hulk for the Xbox 360.

As most of you may know, the latest Hulk movie has just come to theaters, and what is a new movie release without a new video game release to back it up. And to be honest with you, The Incredible Hulk is not a totally bad game in any aspect, there are just so many problems that it has that other movie to video game adaptations have experienced as well. Without further or do, let us get right into the review.

Story (C-): To be honest with you, I have not seen the movie yet, but here is what I think of the story so far in this game. You are Bruce Banner, and you are trying to find a cure  so that you do not have to be the hulk anymore. The Incredible Hulk game plays through an open world environment, which at times can really get you confused about what is going on in the game. So far I know the Enclave (An alien army squad) is trying to destroy new york city,  Bruce Banner is trying to find a cure, and the army wants to find you and keep you under quarantine, that is about it.

Instead of having a straight forward mission structure, you are able to jump into any mission that is available at any given time. Now granted, the missions are color coded, but honestly, I kept going to the mission closest to me, so that way I am not spending an half hour trying to find the next mission to continue the story. Cutscenes do not help fill in the gaps either, they are brief, look horrible, and leaving you feeling confused about what to do next in the game.

Hulk Hammer

Sound (B+): This is where the game shines by far. Every sound is accurate to what would happen if you jumped and landed on a building, blew up a building, beat down a car, run through a street in New York City, etc. Helicopters, tanks, and cars all make lively explosions when you destroy them. The Hulks scream sounds really angry, and really translates well to his core character. The music for the most part is lively and fast paced, and will keep you excited no matter which mission you play.

Graphics(C+): For the most part, the graphics are ok, but the game does have a couple of noticeable problems. For example, when you jump off the top of a building, you cannot see most of New York City, except for blocky textures, until you hit the ground. New York City on its own does still look lively as it always does, with colorful billboards, a number of different vehicles in the streets, pedestrians crowding the streets, etc. However, many of the buildings tend to repeat themselves over and over again, which could be remedied by adding a little more variety, other than size, of the buildings that you are looking at.

The hulk himself looks ok, for a launch 360 game. He still looks a little bit too cartoonish, even from a video game aspect. By that I mean that he may look menacing and scary up close, with ripped up jeans, the scary look on his face, the huge muscles, etc. Looking from the behind of him angle, makes him look kind of small, and just like every other citizen. Cutscenes, as I stated earlier, look bad, leaving the only good thing about them being the fact that it does not look like the characters in them are lip-synching their words.

Hulk Truck

Gameplay/Controls (D+): While being extremely fun at first, The Incredible Hulk falls into a state of repetitiveness that most movie games fall into very quickly. The gameplay falls into a few basic categories, destroy a certain amount of enemies in area, destroy or get rid of certain objects that are of danger to the city, save a friend from being killed, destroy buildings, defeat bosses, and that is about it.

The fighting in this game relies heavily on button mashing. You will be performing alot of X and Y button mashing moves, which gives you limited possibilities about the types of combos that you can do. You can also jump into the air, and slam the ground with the Y button, but it does not really help that much in any situation.

There are four special moves that you have, which can be trigged by selecting them with your d-pad, and then by pressing the Y and B buttons together at the same time. I only unlocked three during my time playing, and they were Healing, Ground Strike, and a Clap. The only real useful one though is the healing move, because it always refills your health to the max whenever you use it. While the other ones are cool, it just takes too much time to perform the actions that you need to perform in order to the execute these moves correctly.

This is partly because Hulk has a fury meter that he uses in order to execute these moves, which requires you to destroy tings in order to fill up the meter, and with the amount of fury that you need in order to execute these moves, ends up taking way too much time to do. I would have also preferred the selecting of these moves to be simplified to pressing up, down, left, or right on the d-pad, which would make them easier to use in the more hectic battles.

The game also tends to run at a slow frame rate, and sometimes freezes up when you are trying to complete objectives. Enemies themselves are not varied, leaving the only variation to the use of different colors to increase difficulty.

Replay Value (C-): While there are a number of missions to complete, there is not much else available that will make you want to come back and play this game again. The are Fury Canisters and Gamma Containers that you can collect to increase the hulks overall health and fury in the game. There are also a few mini-games that you can play that require you to do things like destroy a certain amount of the city in a certain amount of time, run through laps around the city, or destroy a certain amount of objects in a given period of time. From what I have experienced, none of these mini-games have unlocked anything for me, so I thought they were a complete waste of time.

You can also unlock different outfits, and different colored hulks to use during gameplay. Honestly though, once you have played through this game once, you are not going to want to do it again, just for a little bit of an attack or fury boost that is added to each character.

Hulk See Something

Overall (C-): While it can be fun for awhile, The Incredible Hulk becomes dull and repetitive very quickly. A sluggish frame rate, useless unlockables, blocky textures, and mindless button mashing gameplay make for up for a very disappointing experience. The cutscenes do not piece together the story very well, which could have been improved on by making he game have a linear story similar to that of the movie in which it is based off of.

A rental at best, but do not waste your $60 dollars on this one.

Until next time gamers, this is B4 signing off.

Take Care,

Mr B4

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  • great review. I had so many issues with this game besides the constant freezing everything about this game just felt lackluster at best. I felt you hit all the main issues

  • Steven Artlip (Steve

    great review. I had so many issues with this game besides the constant freezing everything about this game just felt lackluster at best. I felt you hit all the main issues

  • looks like an awesome game

  • patrick

    looks like an awesome game