Final Fantasy update, It won’t be the final update though.

Any Final Fantasy fan will like the news about the PSP fighting game. The game features so far a new rendition of Tidus and Jecht has been announced. I have a question though. Besides the super Final Fantasy nerds who are going to by this game once in Japanese and again in English, who does this appel too?

Final Fantasy: Dissidia, the latest in Square’s experimental RPG-ish meanderings with FF and the PSP system, just got a little bit more interesting. The one-on-one action game, which was announced last spring but still doesn’t have a firm release date in Japan or America, will feature heroes and villains from across the Final Fantasy universe battling each other in arena — including a new-look Tidus and Jecht from Final Fantasy X, as Weekly Famitsu magazine revealed this week.

Tidus, the tousle-haired blitzball-playing hunk that you controlled FFX, is getting a full wardrobe redesign from FF impresario Tetsuya Nomura, executive producer and character designer for Dissidia. The new Tidus looks a fair bit younger than he did during FFX, and this time around he sports a black-themed outfit that (in classic Nomura style) features all manner of belts, ripped pants legs, and other doodads. “This project features characters from different FF games conversing with each other, so I was careful that there wouldn’t be a great deal of age difference between all of them,” Nomura told Weekly Famitsu. “I drew Tidus to look younger than he did in FFX to match the design touch of the rest of Dissidia.”

The PSP game features famous confrontations from Final Fantasy past and present, and this week Square Enix is showing off Tidus fighting against Jecht, his father and the ultimate antagonist of FFX, in an arena modeled after the innards of Sin, where the 2001 RPG classic’s final battle took place. The game is heavily action-oriented, with basic combat revolving around two important stats for each character: HP and Brave, which is akin to attack power. You have two basic types of attacks available at all times: assist moves, which rob and absorb Brave from your opponent, and HP attacks, which reduce his hit points. Your current Brave is the main factor in how effective your HP attacks are, and since you lose all of your Brave with each HP attack, the battles become a game of how much you can ratchet up your Brave before unleashing your attacks. If you’re able to whittle your opponent’s Brave down to zero before he can attack, he’ll go into Break mode, earning you further Brave bonuses. In addition, fighting gradually builds up an EX gauge which allows you to transform mid-battle when unleashed, and special moves (including Tidus’s Ace of the Blitz from FFX) are also available when you meet certain in-game conditions.

Square Enix plans to reveal more details behind Dissidia and the rest of its 2008 lineup at the “DKS3713” media event in Japan this August

It is great that the game got a face lift. Considering the first one faired oh so well. Ehrgeiz ( I know many of you are wondering what game that is) featured some Final Fantasy characters but, they were there are extras. With an actual story coming this time maybe there is a chance this one could be a winner. I personally lost interest in the games a while ago though.

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