Nyko Cord Free Wireless Adapter Video Review

What I will be reviewing today is the Nyko Cord Free Wireless Adapter for the Wii Nunchuk controller. The MSRP on this item is $19.99, and can be purchased at, or at any other major video game retailer.

+ Works well with any game that requires use of the Nunchuk
Here are a few games that i tried out, and they worked out great with this product:
* Madden NFL 08
* Deca Sports
* Wii sports
* Mario Galaxy
* Super Smash Bros. Brawl
+ Holder and Sleeve both feel comfortable to hold in your hand, makes it feel like you are actually using a regular Nunchuk.
+ Worth the $19.99 price tag, especially if you are the do-it-yourself kind of person.

– Difficult to setup, takes a couple of tries just to hide the wires into the sleeve.
– Sometimes will show Wii remote as having a low battery life no matter how much you have charged your Wii remote prior to using this product.

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