Kung Fu Panda

Xbox 360’s game of the month is Activision’s, ‘Kung Fu Panda.’ Kung Fu Panda is rated E 10+, for everyone 10 and under, and a demo is now available in the Xbox Live Marketplace for free.

In the demo, gamers can play as ‘Po’ the cuddly Kung Fu Panda, and can explore colorful locations throughout the East. There are chances to battle enemies, collect coins, eat dumplings, and build up chi. After gamers collect enough coins, there is opportunity to dress up characters, earn new moves, and even upgrade weapons.

In the full-length game, players can play as Po, Shifu, or the Furious Five, and can play locally, or with friends on Xbox Live. The Multiplayer action allows gamers to battle one-on-one, against a large group of fighters, and even play a multiplayer puzzle game.

Kung Fu Panda is available on Xbox 360, Playstation, Wii, Nintendo DS, and the PC. And if gamers want to get a little more Kung Fu Panda action, head on over to to play Kung Fu Fireworks Toss, build up skill in the Training Hall, download videos, grab icons, wallpapers, and more!

Happy Training!

– Mommy DX

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