New Dead Space Trailer

Enjoy you guys!

Dismemberment Video

Comic Video 3

Dead Space is rolling full steam ahead and the dev team is in high gear. We’ve got some new amazing content on the site with the new dismemberment video: This video is sick, but we have some trailers coming up that really show what the game can do. I am totally blown away by what the team is accomplishing, we get new builds every week, and just when we think we’ve seen how good this game can get, it gets better.

We have a new Dead Space Comic video on the site with issue 3. 3 more issues to go! Remember we have all of the previous comic issues on the site as well in the comic section.

Those along with a slew of new screenshots are now available. Also make sure the check out the dev blog at to catch up on where the team is at. We have some really great posts coming up this week.

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