Wii Ware Monday: Gyrostarr Now Available

by Kelly Brown



The arcade shooter, Gyrostarr is now available on the Nintendo Wii via Wii Ware.  Gyrostarr can be played by up to 4 players and each player have their own ship to pilot.  The ship will be moving around tracks that are twisting and turning while fighting different aliens.  Not only do players have to worry about shooting aliens, but they will also have to make sure to collect enough energy to activate ancient warpgates.   Players can also trick out their ships with different weapons.  There are 50 different levels which can be navigated using either the Wiimote, Nunchuk controller, or the Classic Controller.  This high speed game is sure to thrill anyone who loves arcade shooters.

Gyrostarr is an arcade shooter from HIgh Voltage Software, Inc. and is rated E for everyone, by the ESRB, and has some mild fantasy violence.  It is available for 700 Wii Points.

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