XBLA Wednesday: Happy Tree Friends & Ticket To Ride

Happy Tree

This week we have two titles coming to Xbox Live Arcade.  They are Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm! and Ticket to Ride.  Both of these games can be downloaded for 800 Microsoft Points.

Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm! was developed by Stainless Games Ltd. and published by SEGA of America.  It is considered a Strategy and Simulation game and is rated M for mature, by the ESRB, considering that it has Blood and Gore and Violence.  This game has been based upon the Web series.  It is a highly popular series and is quite twisted.  You will be playing as Lumpy the moose and you must help his klutzy friends, through 10 different scenarios, who are constantly getting themselves in situations that they cannot get out of on their own.  It may not be as easy as it seems since all of these characters are accident-prone.  This is a single player game.

Ticket to Ride was developed by Next Level Games, Inc. and published by Playful Entertainment, Inc.  It is considered a Card and Board game and is rated E for everyone by the ESRB.  This is a game in which you are trying to find the route that will give you the most distance covered.  You are playing in the United States and are going from coast to coast on the rails.  This is a game that is quickly picked up and is quite fast paced.  Points can be collected from finishing the rails and also completing your ticket.  With multiple levels to complete and also the ability to play with up to 5 people through Xbox Live or 4 in your own home, the fun and competition is already built in.  So get on aboard and enjoy Ticket to Ride.

Kelly “Mrs Lefty” Brown

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