Firmware 2.4’s XMB features revealed

Oh snap!! Its the update all of us PS3 users have been waiting for with it looks all the features we have been asking for.


CVG has managed to get its grubby hands on the final list of features for the hotly anticipated Firmware 2.4 update, which was yesterday rumoured to be due early next week. But that’s not the case we’ve been told…

Update: Since our original story went live, we’ve received further information regarding the inclusion of trophies in the 2.4 update. As expected full 2D trophy support will be in the XMB update and there will be four types: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Platinum is only awarded when you have collected all other trophies in a game. Also there are no gamer points, it’s all done via a levelling up system. Think Call of Duty 4 levelling up system, we reckon. Update Out

Speaking under strict conditions of anonymity, a source has told CVG that Firmware 2.4 is expected to launch in around three weeks’ time. A quick look at the diary reveals that E3 is just under three weeks away. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Sony’s pre-E3 conference would be the perfect time to launch the Sony XMB assault.

Announcing something and making it available at the same time is the way forward, as Microsoft proved by revealing Doom isn’t just coming to Xbox Live Arcade, it’s on Xbox Live Arcade a few E3s ago. Apple is known for this approach too.

We’ve also scooped the following list of XMB features that you’ll be able to access in-game. Here goes:

* Friend category
* View, send, receive messages
* Manage downloads
* Set the vibration feature of the controller
* Sign in to PlayStation Network
* Register friends
* Manage Bluetooth devices
* Terminate the game
* Music category
* Use the system BGM
* Work the system BGM operation panel
* Settings category
* Assign controllers
* View profiles
* Game category
* Set audio devices
* Use the voice changer

As previously reported the update will also allow you to play back your own tunes in-game from the XMB Music column. It’s unclear whether this feature will be compatible with all games or just new titles created with more recent development tools.

The system BGM will offer functions such as Play, Stop, Previous track, Next track, Change repeat mode, Change shuffle mode, Change volume (five levels). When you stop the playback of your tunes, playback of the game music will then begin.

Sony has yet to confirm or deny any of this and won’t comment on rumour and speculation. If you ask us though, this is bang on the money. Not long to wait and see…

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