Eat Some Pizza, Win A Xbox

It looks like Microsoft and Domino’s is teaming up with the Dark Night release to give away some awesome prizes.


Delivered pizza is a gamer’s favorite food, and now Xbox® has teamed up with Domino’s Pizza® for a special “Cards Tell the Tale” Instant Win Promotion featuring the summer blockbuster The Dark Knight.

Order your pizza online or by phone and instantly access The Dark Knight Vault for unique content from the movie including an exclusive trailer, wallpapers, and lots more. Vault Opens 6.30.08 – 7.27.08.

At, track your pizza all the way to your door with the Domino’s Pizza Tracker. This is also your key into the Vault. When you receive your pizza, the promotional pizza boxtopper has all the details on entering the “Cards Tell the Tale” Instant Win Promotion.

What’s in the cards for you? Inside the Vault at, challenge The Joker for the chance to win a limited-edition The Dark Knight themed Xbox 360® console and other great prizes!

Dark Knight Console

Starting 7.7.08, if you order The Gotham City Pizza (Large pizza with 50% more* pepperoni for $9.99) or The Dark Knight Deal (Gotham City Pizza plus 10-piece wings and a side of bread for $19.99) you could have a chance to win $10K delivered to your door.
*than standard portion

The exclusive The Dark Knight Xbox 360 consoles prize from the “Cards Tell the Tale” Instant Win Promotion are very limited in quantity and are sure to be a coveted item for any gamer, BATMAN fan, or collector.

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  • Scott

    Crap it has to be Dominos. The Dominos in my area is not that great, but I quess I will suffer and throw down some pies.