HELP LAGtv and Have A Chance To Go To PAX?

Wow, I didn’t know about this until I read about it on our forums.  It turns out some DB assaulted TappedOut from LAGtv and even took over $30,000 worth of equipment.  Wow, I can’t imagine what type of person would do that, I just really hope that ass gets caught.  Anyways they are asking for a little help and in return, (from

We will be awarding ALL people who donate the following:

* ·Your name gets added to the community Hall of Fame where all visitors can how great you are in helping get LAGtv back onair!
* ·Get your usergroup status upgraded to “Loyal Viewer”, allowing you to buy special items in the LAGtv store!
* ·Get activity points for every dollar donated! All points you earn either by activity or donating can be used anywhere in our Store to buy games, swag, and much more! LEARN MORE

As an added bonus we will be holding a drawing with the top five (5) members who have donated the most, the winner of this drawing will receive the exclusive opportunity to be a member of our staff during the Penny Arcade Expo! You will receive one LAGtv Media pass, hotel accommodations, and airfare to the event, not to mention going down in PAX/LAGtv history as a host from their first LIVE broadcast!

So if you don’t mind go ahead check out that link above, and if you can, help them out a little.

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  • Tappedout

    Hey there guys! I just saw that you guys are running this post from our forums and I would like to say THANK YOU! We already had someone from your community come over and help with a donation! Thanks again, you guys ROCK!!!