Microsoft Releases DRM Tool for Xbox 360 Migration

by Chris Brown



This afternoon, Microsoft announced the release of a new Digital Rights Managements (DRM) tool that will transfer the licenses of previous purchased game content, music video, television shows, and other video content from one Xbox 360 to another.  Movies, available only on the Xbox Live Marketplace as rentals are an exception to DRM Tool.  The above video shows Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, demonstrating how the tool works.

The process of transferring the digital rights is said to take only a few minutes, as no content is being transferred, only licenses.   The DRM tool can only be used once every 365 days, so if you have had to take your Xbox 360 back to your retail store you may have to plan accordingly. 

This DRM tool will only with transferring the rights from one console to another, meaning you will not be able to sell or trade your downloaded content giving the rights away like an automobile’s "pink slip".  However, once the DRM tool runs, Xbox 360 owners who have purchased a new Xbox 360 as their primary Xbox can now play Xbox Live Arcade games without having to be signed into the Xbox Live service. 

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