Diablo 3 Announced with Video and Pictures

Forget Arthas – it looks like Blizzard’s got bigger, badder fish to fry at today’s Worldwide Invitational. The company has just unveiled during their opening ceremonies that their new mystery title is none other than Diablo 3.

Presenting the game at WWI was Diablo 3 lead designer Jay Wilson, who was more than happy to demonstrate the game’s features by playing through a dungeon with a dual axe-wielding barbarian. Here’s a couple of details on what he unveiled in the gameplay (via Gamespot):

* Beautiful new graphics
* New improvements include a hot bar, where you can use the mouse to cycle between the skills you want to use. It’s where the potion bar used to be.
* The quest giver from Diablo 2 is back, along with the same voice actor
* New character class: The Witch Doctor, which can summon pets, mind control/ enemies, and summon a devastating locust swarm.
* Witch Doctor’s pet, the mongrel, gets an attack bonus when buffed with locust swarm
* Female characters for Barbarian and Witch Doctor introduced


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