Do Videogames Need a Hero?

I can’t walk into a grocery store these days without having my eyes zombified as I pass the tabloid magazines. As a guy I don’t care about celebrity gossip, but still, damn if I don’t find myself reading those gossip magazine headlines every time I’m at the checkout counter. I mean we have movie stars, and music stars constantly being talked about, looked at, and always fueling our interests at what they do. Our interest, and infatuation with these people help to keep us talking and watching for what they will do, and how it will affect their craft. We go to their films, and buy their albums because it is an implanted, impulsive interest that we have become involved in due to all the exposure. Critics will clamor for Robert Downey Junior, for his comical, and charismatic role in Iron Man, all while commenting on his personal struggles he has face along the way, a true artist. We watched, and waited for him to persevere, to show his true craft and when he did, we loved him more for it, he, was an “ACTOR,” a true artist! So what do these ramblings have anything to do with gaming, you may ask, and why are you wasting my time GUI J?

My friends lets look at this. Gaming as a respected art form, has yet to break the one true boundary that all other respect art forms have. That my friends, is the staple hood of a celebrity, an individual whose very word sparks mass debate at the water cooler, an interest that makes you wonder what he or she will do next. Does Videogames need its own Paris Hilton? I think so, one could argue that we have celebrities, look at Cliffy B of Gears of War fame. Does a tattoo, and gelled up Foe Hawk really constitute a celebrity? We need our gaming hero’s to start cross pollinating themselves with other celebrities, come on Cliff, start hanging with Lil Wayne so he can name drop you into one of his masterful flows. Put a huge COG symbol in the middle of Time Square with you running your mouth about an upcoming invasion. Because for gaming to truly become an art form, it does not matter if you are the most gifted, the most talented, if only a few can see or witness your greatness.


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  • Steve519

    Wouldn't a hero be Master Chief? Solid Snake? Mario?

  • Steven Artlip

    Wouldn't a hero be Master Chief? Solid Snake? Mario?

  • Desz

    Amen brother! I take it, that the Vicodin was hitting the spot at the time of this masterful outer space writing?