FIFA 08 Review

Game Review: Fifa 08

Release: 09/28/07

Genre: Soccer/ Simulation

Developer: EA Canada

Platform: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox 360, PC, Mobile, N-Gage

Player(s): 1-4(offline) 2-10(online)

MSRP: $49.99

ESRB Rating: E

GOOOOOOOOOALLLLLL. How many times have you ever heard that watching two Spanish speaking announcers talk about a game of soccer? It is quite funny because they just yell it for so long. Good thing here is that now you will be saying that when you score a goal. Trust me it is that difficult.


FIFA 08 came out last year in September. Playing the game on standard definition it looks great. Playing the game on high definition makes it look amazing. The celebrations look great all though there are only a few. The camera is automatically panned out allowing you to see almost all the field. That is a slight issue considering that the camera can be changed. You can lose the ball sometimes with out noticing, this is a small price to pay when playing Be A Pro mode. The camera is focused only on you and is very hard to get used to.


Rarely do you hear player out of breath or huffing and puffing. You do hear the ball getting punted though. Commentary is done by two guys from England whose names are easy to forget. My only issue is that in order to get Spanish speaking announcers is that you have to go into your system and change the language. It was worth it though. Make sure it is a regular match though. Don’t play a manager mode game in a language you don’t understand.


Just like in any sports game the objective is simple. Try to score a goal anyway possible. Fifa challenges you by forcing you to think out a plan of attack. If you don’t, you might as well not play at all. Even on amateur mode the game is still difficult. Playing with a friend makes things easier, because you have someone that can understand your plan. Online is fun with no lag experienced. I wouldn’t suggest Be A Pro mode online though. It is nearly impossible to score.


X controls your long distance Kick. B is used when in range to score. A passes the ball. These are all very important, but EA put more work into it. Holding the left trigger and moving the right sick allows for trick moves. These trick moves while easy to understand and insanely difficult to pull off in a regular match. I personally never was able to pull one off unless I was in the loading screen. Other wise these controls are spot on.


Online play saves the day here. Several modes are available for play. Some are more difficult than others. Some players will make you not want to play the game. Most people pick Manchester United and call it a day, leaving you a difficult time trying to score. Playing with some friends on one system is pretty fun. After a few matches a friend and I played with fifteen minute long halves. That is a long time.


The game is close to being recycled, yet it still cost fifty dollars. Come on EA, as if they don’t get enough profits from their Madden and NCAA games. I would suggest rent or buy used. Sports games get released every year so it is your call if you want to buy this or not. Look at it as if it is Madden. Wait one year and you will buy a game slightly worth sixty dollars.



I rented this game simply because I haven’t played a soccer game in a while. It was very challenging, but after playing long enough I was able to come around and have a blast with FIFA 08. I’m pumped to play FIFA 09 and see what is new.

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