Show #113 Kickin’ it Old School

Download Now (06/30/2008)

E3 is coming up and we give you the heads up on where to get all your E3 Info. M$ releases a tool to fix the DRM issue… yup we feel the same way… “It’s about time!” The 360 Premium to drop to $299.99, Call of Duty World @ War is on its way features they’ll include hint toward what might be included in the next installment that Infinity Ward creates, and THQ Says Saints Row 2 will be different than GTA 4. I go ahead and give you my 2 cents. As always I toss in a few stories and be sure to send “Get Well Soon” msgs to Rodder since he decided to be a Vagina and not make this weeks episode, lol. Stay subscribed and tell your friends. What are you waiting for, download the show now.

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  • Steven Artlip

    Yo K Rock, so happy a show came out JSYK, CoD World at War is being made by IW, the same people that make COD2and COD4. Infinity Ward will be making all the CoD games from here on out because of their success with COD4 Anyways, Rodder I missed ya on the show but thanks Squad XP crew for your hard work on all that you do. congrats Krazie XP on the news count as well!