TMG Contest: Are You The Married Gamers Biggest Fan?

by Chris "Lefty" Brown


marriedgamers1Are you The Married Gamers biggest fan?  If you are you just may have your Xbox Live Gold service sponsored for several years to come!  Today, The Married Gamers are announcing a contest to see who can promote the name of The Married Gamers in the flashiest way.  Do you have a Youtube video showing off a Married Gamers Boom Blox creation?  Have you carefully crafted a TMG themed map in Halo 3’s Forge?  Has your band created a Boogie Bunnies flavored mp3 that does Mrs. Leftybrown proud?  Think of a way to promote The Married Gamers, and show off your creativity and love for the podcast and website.

The winner of the ‘Biggest Fan’ contest will further show that they are indeed our biggest fan when we will either create or pay for the winner to change their gamertag to a gamertag name decided by our Community Forums (in case on unavailability other comparable names will be suggested).  Furthermore, every year until the next version of the Xbox console is released, that gamertag will be continue to be sponsored by The Married Gamers.  That’s right, a free Xbox Live Gold membership until the next version of the Xbox console ships to store shelves!

From now until Monday, July 28th you can submit your act of tribute to The Married Gamers at our mailbag.  Kelly (Mrs. Leftybrown) will  announce the winner LIVE on our August 2nd recording via our feed, and it’ll also be available on our podcast the next day.

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