Wi-Fi USB Connector Video Review & Contest!

What I, Mr B4, will be reviewing for you today is the Wi-fi USB Connector for both the Wii and DS. The MSRP on this item is $39.99, and can be purchased at, or at any other major video game retailer.

+ Provides good internet connection for both the DS and for the Wii
+ Easy to install and use on your computer

– Cord to connect USB connector to computer is too short
– Only provides connection for a couple of hours
– Overheats way too easily
– Only compatible with computers that support Windows XP
– Too Expensive
– System needs to be a short distance away from connector in order to work

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Other than that, take care gamers, see you next time, and good luck with the contest.

Take Care, Mr B4

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  • Gemini Ace

    I have had a USB connector since they came out, and I've never had an issue with it overheating or disconnecting after a couple hours. Also, I have a Vista machine and it works fine. There are Vista drivers on the Nintendo website that I had to download, but that's it. I connect my Wii and DS to it. Also, my pc and wii are probably 12-15 feet from each other, and I'm able to play Mario Kart online without any issues.