Xbox 360 Dashboard Dreaming

by Chris “Lefty” Brown


Is this the future of the Xbox 360 dashboard?  If Mik from Platform Nation and the website/podcast, The Fanboys had his way, it would.  I personally think the Xbox 360 would be better for it too.  In a recent article, Mik gives a well-reasoned and beautifully illustrated argument that a change to the look and design of the Xbox 360 dashboard is badly needed.  Like a physician, he examines what is broken with the current version, and with an eye on what Xbox aims to do with their current version (ads, marketing, event awareness) remixes the dashboard into something that is eye-pleasing to both users and marketers. 

Mik adds a searchable toolbar that would search not only items on a user’s Xbox 360, but also the Xbox Live marketplace.  He also suggest that all items for sale in the Marketplace include their cost upfront.  Greater emphasis is placed on making the dashboard more user controlled and less cluttered, so users can really enjoy those downloaded themes.

For the full story and other Xbox 360 dashboard recommendations, visit the Platform Nation or The Fanboys.

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