Guitar Hero God Breaks His Own Guinness World Record.

Many of us think we are good at Guitar Hero – if we are or not is debatable: P One thing is for sure though , this dude certainly knows how to play Guitar Hero Three. He got 100% on “Through the Fire and Flames” on Expert, the song that many of us dread. He also got an amazing 987,786 points and a 3722 note streak oh and did I mention he 100% ?!  :O

 “I was almost in shock when I finished the song and had hit the 100%-I am so glad I caught it on video or even I wouldn’t have believed it happened,” said Chike. “It feels great to have accomplished it, and it is exciting to see so many people online watching me get a perfect score on the hardest song in the game.”

The teen, who recently signed with The Ant Commandos guitar and peripheral company to be their spokesperson and help them design their next guitar, was recently challenged for his Guinness World record title, but Chike has no doubt he will continue to be at the top of his game and will get the title back soon, declaring “It is pretty hard to beat 100%”.

Youtube Video (Warning CONTAINS SWEARING):
Source: Games Press

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  • Scott

    I cant believe how fast that was I couldnt even keep up just watching

  • cephiros

    It is quite a crazy video. I never pretend to be great at Rockband/Guitar Hero but I am better than the average person but I know I'll never be able to do this in a million years.

  • Desz

    I'm not that good.