Humpdate 07-02-08

Humpdate time, kiddies!

Simon DI and Edie Sellers once again tear up your Wednesday listening with another episode of the Humpdate.

This is an unusually long episode of Humpdate, rivaling that of a regular GameHounds show. Weirdly enough, it’s full of gaming news — a real rarity at this time of the year. The pre-E3 doldrums aren’t hitting like they usually do, which is good for you and for us.

Lots of news this first half of the week, including Sony’s botched system update, the next piece of plastic you won’t be buying, and the debut of a new segment of the Humpdate, Simon’s Rock Update — all you’d ever want to know about Rock Band/Guitar Hero/Rock Revolution news.

Topic list and links (yeah, really… links!) after the jump.

This week, Edie and Simon discuss:

  • At midnight this morning, Sony finally released its 2.40 update for the PS3, fixing the XMB problems and introducing trophies. At midnight-plus-20-minutes, PS3s around the country froze up on reboot and bricked faster than a mason’s daughter. The update’s been pulled, but not before some owners reformatted their hard drives. Whoops!
  • The next Tony Hawk game will have a “new fancy plastic peripheral” that’s not made by Neversoft (the builder of Rock Band’s “fancy plastic peripherals.” Or so says one rumored spy for EGM. It’s a rumor that supports the Intellisponse leak a few weeks back intimating a “motion-sensing board controller.”
  • This is Vegas is delayed until 2009. But it’s supposed to be playable in two weeks at E3. Oh, we’re so confused.
  • GameTap will offer American McGee’s Grimm episodes for free the first 24 hours they’re available, beginning July 31. We’re very okay with this.
  • The Dead Space team at Electronic Arts if holding a sweepstakes for their hand-picked top 100 sci-fi and horror DVDs, which they used for reseaching the title. Yes, one lucky winner will take home all 100 DVDs of great thrillers! Find the entire list here, and enter the sweepstakes by going to this link. Hey, why are we telling you?!? WE WANT THAT!
  • Another great GameHounds contest for a World of Warcraft 60-day pre-paid game card, donated by Alex the Deadite. We love you guys!
  • Simon’s Rock Update (the brand new segment featuring Simon DI, who else?) discusses the latest news in Rock Band and Guitar Hero, including compatability issues.


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