Humpdate 07-02-08

Humpdate time, kiddies!

Simon DI and Edie Sellers once again tear up your Wednesday listening with another episode of the Humpdate.

This is an unusually long episode of Humpdate, rivaling that of a regular GameHounds show. Weirdly enough, it’s full of gaming news — a real rarity at this time of the year. The pre-E3 doldrums aren’t hitting like they usually do, which is good for you and for us.

Lots of news this first half of the week, including Sony’s botched system update, the next piece of plastic you won’t be buying, and the debut of a new segment of the Humpdate, Simon’s Rock Update — all you’d ever want to know about Rock Band/Guitar Hero/Rock Revolution news.

Topic list and links (yeah, really… links!) after the jump.


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