No trophy patches coming from Infinity Ward, Insomniac or 2K Games

Unfortantly it seems that not everyone is jumping on the PS3 Trophy bandwagon.

After receiving word that Burnout Paradise creator Criterion Games and Uncharted’s developer, Naughty Dog, were planning on supporting their games with trophies patches soon, we were getting quite optimistic about most games receiving the feature. Today, however, three developers have come out to say that they won’t be doing so. Namely, Infinity Ward (Call of Duty 4), Insomniac (Resistance and Ratchet & Clank) and 2K Games (Civilization Revolution).

Both Infinity Ward and 2K Games posted the news on their forums, clearly stating that trophies will not be coming out for these titles. As for Insomniac, their Community Relations Manager, Bryan Intihar, responded to comments on the PlayStation Blog yesterday, stating that “currently, there are no plans to add trophies to R1 and RCF. Right now, our No. 1 focus is finishing R2 and making it the best game possible.” If you’re particularly optimistic, you can hope that they’ll work on a patch after Resistance 2 is out. It would be nice, but we won’t hold our breath.


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  • Scott

    I thought Rachet and Clank (Insomniac in general) would be one of the first on board with the trophies.

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  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    I think it is a serious mistake for anyone not to capitalize on these new trophies. Right now PS3 owners are dying to get their hands on games with trophies so you would think developers would be trying to get updates done ASAP. I'm they would sell a lot more titles if they did this. Resistance I understand…but if Bioshock doesn't have them, where's the incentive to play the game again???