Platform Nation July/E3 Newsletter

Greetings Platform Nation Community!

Wow, it really has been a long night since the last news letter hasn’t it?  Anyways I wanted to drop by and let you guys know of a couple things.  First I hope you all have or had (depending on when you receive this) a very happy and safe July 4th.  Remember, it’s not cool to blow your fingers off.

So as you may or may not know E3 is just around the corner, less then two weeks away actually.  What you might not know though is that Platform Nation will be at the event and we will be covering it and providing you with up to the minute news, along with daily podcasts and audio and video interviews.  This will be a great way for you guys to be in the know.  And speaking of in the know, we actually setup a very special E3 email at [email protected].  Any and all questions that you might have about E3 or just requests of things you might want us to cover, you can send that email address what you want and we will do our best to provide coverage of it and let you guys know what is going on.  Its a great way to get more information about your favorite games that are being shown at E3.  But during the week of July 14-18 be sure to have your web browser pointed to for all your independent gaming news!

In addition to all the great E3 news, I have some more great news for you guys.  As most of you might have noticed we recently did some changes to the main page on Platform Nation.  We have added daily news posts along with more frequent reviews, you really have to check it out.

Anyways, that’s enough about Platform Nation for now, lets get into some of the shows that are apart of Platform Nation and find some more info about them directly from them.

XBL Radio – Hey all you you XBL Radio fans, time for you newsletter news.  Coming up on the .0 Show please join KemansWar and X3R0 9 in welcoming our newest host, KingL3pr3chaun. He is a Denver native, comic book geek, and all round cynical person. He and Kemanswar will be starting a new segment that will be announced on the upcoming 70.0 show.  You can find him on twitter at and on Live! Add him to your friends list.  On the upcoming .5 shows we have Mr B4 and INFECTEDPB503 hosting The Gamer’s Roundtable – Live on Live!  Where we bring on average gamers like yourselves and discuss the topics you need to know about.  If you would like to be on the Live on Live! Show, please visit the Live on Live! Waiting List Page on

The FanboysWhen not scouring redtube and xtube for new concepts in sexual fetishism, The Fanboys continue to evolve their show and site with an increased focus on their listeners and community. Once exclusively centered on the lunch-time prattle of the three hosts, the ‘cast now spends a bit of time each show answering listener mail, discussing interesting threads from the forums, and even reading the depraved stories of our perverted listeners.  You’ll also see a renewed commitment to written content for the blog at Check out our latest feature article about the Xbox 360 dashboard and our dreams of future refinement (you may have already seen it on the front page of and — thanks for blowing up our server, internet!). Thanks for listening and supporting Platform Nation!

The Gamer’s Pub – The Gamers Pub is continuing its tradition for being the spot for the best in good friends, good beer, and good video games. With the departure of Steve 519 as host of The GP, we were honored to welcome B Dazzler whom has come into his own as the new co-host. Make sure to check out the forums at Platform Nation to leave comments and suggestions as GUI J, and B Dazzler continue to fine-tune The Gamers Pub and make it a show for the PN community. In the past few months The Gamers Pub has seen a lot of changes, aside from the changing of the guard, GUI J the GP’s host was in an accident that left him out of some serious gaming for some time. (Check the Forums for Pic’s!) But we are hopeful that he will be back in full swing soon, and that The Gamers Pub gaming night will be back in action.  Although GUI J is physically out of commission he still manages to get the Platform nation word out as he is the featured gamer on both inside Xbox, and Xbox community spotlight.  We hope that new listeners, and old will join us every week at The Gamers Pub one of the many fantastic show you’ll find. Only at Platform Nation, United we Game…together we drink good beer!

Squad XP – After a little bit of a spring hiatus Squad XP is back and in full force.  Be sure to check out our newest show here to be kept in the know of what is going on in the world of the Xbox 360.  In addition to this we are having out community nights still every Thursday, all you have to do is check out our forums to know what game and what time.  Squad XP – Play to Win!

TQ Cast – TQcast introduces “Dasetup” a site dedicated to all A/V ,gaming, computer and any interesting setups around the world.  Please visit to check out TQ’s latest installment, episode 2 already in development.  TQcast continues to work on beats for the upcoming E3 major event July 14 -17. All TQcast E3 casts will have new exclusive Desz produced beats.  Desz from TQcast prepares for E3 in a big way, and will share with you all what it takes to prepare for his first ever E3 event via TQvison real soon.  TQcast Episode 37 is scheduled for this July 4th weekend , so stay on the look out.  TQcast mix tape already in the works, so stay tuned for updates and sneak clips of exclusive new TQ tracks.  Please visit for the latest in TQcast, TQvision, Dasetup, and of course the upcoming E3 event!!! TQcast, Platform Nation, One love, We out!!

Video Game Jocks – The Video Game Jocks Podcast continues to deliver video game news as well as sports, movies, television and anything else we want talk each week. The show, and its army of listeners, is marching toward episode 100, which will be commemorated by a special live episode of the show (details to follow). Over the next month, we will be talking about the lead-up to E3, all the announcements to come from the console makers, game developers and the games industry in general and the trade show’s aftermath. Come join us at, iTunes and the Zune Marketplace every Tuesday.

Gamehounds – GameHounds HQ has been a bustling hive of activity the past few weeks, as Edie Sellers and Cooper Hawkes have been scheduling interviews, keynotes, and parties while they figure out the best way to cover E3 2008. Sadly, Hawkes won’t be going, though he’d give his left testicle to be there. On the plus side, a two-pronged assault on the news (one cruising the net in Boston, one on the ground in Los Angeles) will mean constant website updates and a new podcast every evening throughout the event. All would be enough if E3 was the only thing going on right now, but in a few short weeks PAX will be here. Planning is in early stages, but we’ll probably be doing the something similar if not bigger, and we’ll have one more GameHounds staffer on site — Simon DI. All in all, the GameHounds team is doing great. Simon’s is going well, Edie’s pounding away at spreading the GameHounds message, and Hawkes is fat and sassy as well. They’re really looking forward to the next dozen weeks or so, as the news from E3 and PAX is going to be awesome, and they love being there for their listeners! Don’t forget to check out the GameHounds website and the GameHounds Podcast beginning July 14 for their exclusive E3 coverage. And if you have any suggestions for games to look up or interviews you’d like to hear, don’t forget to send them to [email protected] or [email protected]!

Critical StrikeThe newest episode in Critical Strike marks the return of Keith and the video game music montage. Together the boys discuss their E3 predictions and wishes.  Submit an answer to the game music montage at [email protected] and have a chance to win Warlords on Xbox Live Arcade.

Platform Nation ForumsPlatform Nation is by far -first and formost- a community. That is the most important and strongest element of P*N. The forums are where that community comes together, from the shoutbox, to the boards we share opinions, ideas, and rant in general over the days gaming news. As we speak the current number of forum members is 1100, not bad eh? Well that number is still growing, and with the P*N host’s staying right in the mix, that’s not a surprise. The likes of Thrillhouse17 and Chiahippo , or Mik and Nasero from the Fanboys, and Critical Strike are always hanging around in the shout and on the boards. This is a community of interesting and personable folk, to say the least. Now speaking of the shoutbox, that’s a fun place to be, always active with chatter (30k shouts in two months) and usually- as I said before you can find the hosts lurking about, making small talk and cracking jokes.  Now for the boards, always a buzz with the latest in gaming news, and furthermore they are more often than not- a buzz with YOU the gamers opinion on what’s happening in the industry. Some of the current hot topics include the PS3 Firmware update 2.40! A lot of talk about trophy’s and in game XMB. The oncoming of Pax 08, are you going? And will you be hooking up with P*N at the gaming event, etc. The boards have a good deal of dialogue about upcoming podcast’s P*N is always interested in the listeners opinion, and it without a doubt is getting shared on the forums. Also we have a myriad of contests happening all the time, and you can easily find info in the forums.

Oh, one other thing too, this month I wanted to highlight another podcast that isn’t in our community but I still wanted to share them with you, and you really should check them out

The Married Gamers – The Married Gamers is Leftybrown and Mrs Leftybrown, a married couple of eleven years joined at the hip and by their consoles.  Join them as they discuss video gaming and video gaming culture from a ‘His & Hers’ perspective.  This summer The Married Gamers are releasing two podcasts a week as part of their “summer series”.  A Wednesday show includes a member of the video game community.  On Saturdays we record LIVE via Ustream, recording for our Sunday podcast release.  Please check out our website for the Live episode recording time at The Married Gamers website.

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