Where is my 2.40 update???

Lol. Woke up this morning, and decide to finally update my PS3 to that much anticipated 2.40 update. Umm, turn on my PS3, log in, waiting…waiting …waiting…….. it never prompts me to update.. Umm, I did hear that people were having issues with the new update, which mostly consisted of freezes after the install, and the only solution is to format the drive.Ummm so I get the news, and Hahahahahhaha, this is hella funny to me, and I’m so glad I didn’t rush to update. Apparently Sony pulled update 2.40, and is working on a solution for the broken update. So if you are wondering what happened to the update, don’t stress, we are better off with the trusty 2.36 for now. I just think its funny because I guarantee that 360 fan boys are rolling right now. How many times have we said, please say it with me “ at least Sony is trying”

If you find your system freezing, some gamers have found that removing and reformatting their hard drive will get the system to boot up again – although this would mean that all your data would be lost.


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