Gears of War 2 Screenshots.

Ok Gears Of War is probably the game that we are all waiting for this year right? Well to put our minds at ease or just to make the wait to November seem even longer more screenshots have been released.

Single Player Campaign screenshots:


Multiplayer on Gears of War was a bit of a hit or miss for many people on Xbox LIVE. You either LOVED it by chainsawing and curbstomping your friend or HATED it because of host advantage , the shotgun’s superiority or well you just didn’t like it. CliffyB has said many of these flaws in the original game will be fixed for Gears of War 2. So let’s look at some screenshots:

Chainsaw duelling will apparently equal out the problems with the chainsaw  in Gears of War first time around.

Gears of War 2 will get some flamethrowing action.

The Pistol and Shied will play an important part too.

Say “Eye , eye” to the Cyclops Drone.

Screenshot of Submission mode.

Screenshot of Meat shield mode.

:  A tranquil highway next to a river rapidly filled with evacuating vehicles immediately after the Locust emergence. Few of the panicked owners made it out alive as ruthlessly efficient Locust squads swept through the area, taking out civilians one by one.
(Gears of war 1)                       (Gears of War 2)

RIVER: Old grain mills located on the outskirts of the city of Landown make the perfect setting for a cross-bridge clash.

SECURITY: Older Coalition technology was built to last, as witnessed by the laser fences and security turrets located in this Pendulum Wars-era work camp. Soldiers must first deactivate the lethal defenses before making a dash for the weaponry in either wing of the arena.

Source: Games Press

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