On Tour is Now On The Money Wagon

Guitar Hero: On Tour was bound to make money. Activision didn’t antesapate that it would be one of the top five selling games launch games.

Portable music makes for company’s biggest DS game launch.
By Steve Watts, 07/03/2008 (

Guitar Hero: On Tour got a decent reception as a way to embarrass yourself rock out on the commuter bus. Never underestimate the power of good buzz plus brand recognition, as Activision has announced that the game has shot straight to the top DS game launch in the company’s library.

The game has reportedly sold a whopping 300,000 units in its first week, taking it to the top of Activision’s internal charts. This means it beat out several games in the popular Tony Hawk and Spider-Man franchises — no small feat on its own, but especially impressive when considering it’s almost double the price of a standard DS game. In addition, the game has joined the ranks as one of the top five best-selling launches of any Activision game.

Big sales are certainly making the company happy, and you know what that means: it’s time to prepare a sequel with an attachable drum peripheral.

This is great for Activision. It is a shame that my DS was stolen two years ago. I wonder what the game would of been like…

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  • Scott

    I really didnt see that one coming. I thought the add on keys just didnt look right almost like it was to bulky and over all clumst guess I was way off