10 Things That I Want Out of My PS3

So as you guys all know, Sony’s 2.4 firmware came out last week. With this firmware update we were given things such as a trophy system and finally that in-game XMB. Because of these new features I started to think of what else I wanted on my PS3 for it to rule MY living room. In no particular order:

* In-Game Web Browsing – The ability to go online, check sites like, or whatever other site you want to see all without having to leave the game that you are playing.

* Playstation Eye Remote Play – Remote play is a great feature that combines both the Playstation 3 and the PSP, one of the things that would be great would be the ability to turn your PS3 on from anywhere in the world and see what is going on it your house. You would be able to do things like check on your dogs, your baby. Bring me this Sony.

* Voice/Video Messages – With the Playstation giving us things such as 6 player video chat its odd that we do not have the ability to send out voice mails. Now really I would like to take this one step further, with the Playstation Eye and the free EyeCreate software that you can download off of the PSN store you can make and edit your own videos, well let me send these to my friends directly through the PS3.

* Clan Support – Full clan support, not just an in-game option but a clan support from the XMB directly. The ability to see what all your fellow clan members are playing, ability to message all of the members, clan invites.

* PSN Gamercards – Who wouldn’t want the ability to spread their PSN Gamercard all over the world? To post in on websites, in forums to show everyone my earned trophies, my last games played and my trophy levels. We have seen Sony’s competitors do this with great success, its time we have it for us.

* Video Download Service – Sony you own your own movie studio, well bring it to the PSN Store but do it better then the rest of the guys out there. Offer a subscription base package or just cheaper downloads. Since you already own all of your own movies if you charge the same as our other options you would be essentially double dipping.

* More PSN Games – We have been given great games such as Super Stardust HD, Everyday Shooter, everything PixelJunk well I want more. The release schedule on the PSN network has been a joke for the most part. Yes I understand that it takes time to bring great games to the PSN but what is Sony really being proactive in getting new games? In addition to more PSN games, lets work on getting more of them Remote Play compatible, with the PS3 and the PSP, Sony really has a serious 1-2 punch combo, well its time that they start utilizing this more.

* In-Game Private Chat – There is no reason we do not have this option.

* Full Keyboard Support – I own this fancy bluetooth keyboard that I bought for my PS3 and it works great on the XMB, but when a game starts all functionality disappears for the most part. Yes some games allow it like Unreal Tournament 3, but when I was setting up my player and team on MLB 08 The Show, it was a serious pain because the keyboard didn’t work with the game and we all know how much of an issue it is to type with the Dualshock 3 or Sixaxis.

* Full Flash Support – Youtube works great on the PS3’s web browser but you know what doesn’t? Everything else. Sony, if your going to give me flash support, please do it right. I want to watch videos from,, etc. If you give me that option I can honestly cancel my cable TV with the overpricing Comcast, you would actually save me money.

So what do you want from your PS3?

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  • Pimp_Method

    Great ideas but I don't own a PS 3

  • anon

    You can watch your room from remote play, plug your ps eye in the ps3, do remote play with your psp, start a chat with just yourself, and you can watch whatever your ps eye is on.

  • Steven Artlip

    it works!, wow I never thought of that. Need to get it full screen though but I'm just happy it works

  • Creds

    You can also check your house if you have the downloadable title Aquatopia. Just start it, pause the game and click on check camera. You get almost full screen video, as long as you left your camera plugged in…

  • Mono

    Also with "full clan support" youcould do clan leveling with the trophies.

  • Tahiri

    * In-Game Web Browsing – No, that takes far too much resources from the game * Playstation Eye Remote Play – It has this already * Voice/Video Messages – Agreed * Clan Support – Agreed * PSN Gamercards – Sony already said it's coming * Video Download Service – Sony already said it's coming this summer * More PSN Games – Agreed * In-Game Private Chat – There is a reason, it's called time and resources. But agreed. * Full Keyboard Support – Don't quite get your complaint. Were you using it in the on-screen keyboard? * Full Flash Support – Complain to Adobe who refuses to update Flash for non-x86 processors. Not Sony's fault

  • Wolf26pack

    I have to agree with Tahiri on his points above. I never really saw In-Game Web Browsing as a needed addition but now that you describe it, it seems like it would be a pretty cool addition. If you were able to jump online in the middle of a game and post a Screen Shot or Video of something cool you just did in your blog or whatever. A couple of other things I wish the PS3 had is… – Continious Playback of Movies – Video Playlists – Ability to Charge the Controllers While in Standby – Ability to Create Sub-folders from within the PS3 menu System While I wish Flash Support was better and that In-game Music and Trophie Support was Mandatory in all games. Sony just won't push for these features. It really is a shame that Sony put so little Memory in the PSP and PS3 I mean the PSP's Web Browser in Useless since it always runs out of Memory and the PS3 needs more Memory as well. I mean how much more would it have cost to have a full 1GB of Memory then it could have been 500mb for the XMB & Games 500mb Deticated for the GPU.

  • Scott

    I would realy like the clan support and most of all the PSN gamercards

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    *In-Game Web Browsing – I don't see the reason for this. You have two consoles. Use the Xbox 360 for that….oh…yeah, that's right. It doesn't have a browser. I use my iPhone for internet browsing while gaming. * Playstation Eye Remote Play – Already Done * Voice/Video Messages – I can agree on these points somewhat. I think Sony already has something planned for this though. * Clan Support – I don't agree. Do you have any idea how much reprogramming and resources would have to go into this? I don't see the big deal with having it for each individual game. Total clan stats would have to be tracked at Sony's expense. If you're not getting this from Xbox Live which you deemed worthy of paying for, then why should you expect it from a free service? * PSN Gamercards – Sony already said it's coming * Video Download Service – Sony said it is coming. I wonder if there will be music addded as well. * More PSN Games – I think they are doing an adequate job of putting games up on PSN. I have a serious problem with gamers demanding more games whether on PSN, XBL, or retail games. They say the same thing about the "small" library of PS3 games. When a majority of gamers buy every game releashed at launch, then companies should listen to this request. * In-Game Private Chat – Once again…this can be done by the developers. If the developers don't take the time to put it in their own games which they get paid for, why should Sony do it for free? This is one of the few things LIVE actually has but I never used it. * Full Keyboard Support – I have not needed a keyboard for anything on the PS3, but I am happy to know that I could use the limited functionality. * Full Flash Support – Agree with Tahiri. The only thing I want from Sony is to keep the service FREE and keep making systems that don't routinely break. When they start charging me for the service, then I'll start making other requests.

  • chasimus

    The two things I really want on the PS3 at this point in time are private chat and to be able to create custom folders for all the videos and games I have on the XMB. I don't like that I have all of my demos and PSN games in the same folder. it's kind of annoying. other than that, I'm just happy they now have trophies. and what a great service it's going to become.

  • Aconsumer

    Hello, you can already make your own custom folders. I am doing it now as a matter of fact. I have a folder for my demos, psn games and psp demos all seperate. This has been implemented awhile now. I notice alot of people complain about this and that but never really play around with options on systems to see if they can make it to their liking. All you have to do is hit the triangle button go under info and type in whateva you want in the folder option jeez. Before you complain try using the options on ur system and see if it can or cant be done. just like the PSEye remote play has been implemented for awhile. Use ur system dont assume that it doesnt do what the hell you expect it to do.

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  • Christian Acosta

    PS2 compatibility on PS3 40gb PS3 points card Cut Price

  • Lakuma

    I would love PlayTV for the USA!!

  • saad999