GameHounds Episode 24: Hawkes Hates Again!

You know, we knew it wouldn’t last.

Hawkes swore off the hate a mere three weeks ago, and this week he rediscovers that rancid little black part of his soul. Edie also finds a good reason to be pissed off, and not just because the one-week mark to E3 and the holiday weekend combined to dry up any hint of really hard gaming news.

Welcome back, Mr. Hawkes. That hate eats your stomach, but we love you more for it.

Topics and links after the jump…

This week, Hawkes and Edie discuss:

  • Our contest for a 60-day pre-paid World of Warcraft card contiues. Send your “WoW horror story” to [email protected]
  • Tecmo releases new DLC armor for Ninja Gaiden II. It’ll cost ya a couple bucks each and they do NOTHING!! Two words: Horse armor.
  • Sony responds to the 2.40 update ho-down. We expected to hear a lot more complaining from the masses. Maybe that means it wasn’t so bad after all?
  • Peter Moore spoke about EA Sports on the PC — or more specifically how they’re NOT coming to the PC. This is our own fault, boys and girls.
  • Oasis’ Noel Gallagher says knife violence in England is probably due to video games. Actually, sir, I think being a raging alcoholic and Liam Gallagher’s brother is a contributor to violence. However, we actually have verifiable proof. You, not so much. Shut your piehole and go make some more derivative music.
  • San Jose Mercury News gaming and pop-culture columnist Mike Antonuccci is a complete and total asshat. He’s also an embarassment to journalists and writers everwhere. Read his list of the “top 10 video games of the first half of the year,” and you’ll want to puke. Don’t forget to read his “caveats” as to why Ninja Gaiden and Metal Gear Solid 4 aren’t on the list (and why the Wii Fit is). Don’t forget to leave a comment,kids. Too bad he doesn’t have a book on Amazon.


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