Top Interviews Mik from The Fanboys

So as most of you, know Mik from The Fanboys has become an internet sensation with his beautifully wrote article about “Dreaming of Dashboard 2.0“. That article covered the world in a matter of days and it had almost every Xbox 360 owner dreaming of his designs coming to their own Xbox 360’s. Well not only did almost every major website decide to run his story (Destructoid, where were you on this one?) but actually interviewed of one of own.

But despite his criticism, Phillips is cautiously optimistic about Microsoft’s ability to refine the dashboard. “Microsoft has lots of great designers, UI experts, and agencies who are loaded with talented people,” he says. When asked about the recent rumors of gesture-based menus, Phillips says he thinks Schematic (the reported UI designer) is a “killer design group” but feels “honestly concerned about any interface that becomes more animation-intensive.” Still, he says he’s “certain they could come up with something amazing.”

And the result of all this? Nothing that we’ve seen so far. But Phillips feels that his concepts and the resulting discussion “serve as proof that this is a topic on the minds of 360 owners. We just gave them a place to talk about it.” And like any good business, Microsoft is probably paying close attention to what the customers buzz about.

So I know I have said this before Mik but I’ll say it again, Congratulations!

Do me a favor though, now that you are famous, and all over the web, can you at least call me every now and then? This way I will feel cool because I knew you before you were one of the big and famous guys. Hey Mik, your like PN’s own Major Nelson now 🙂

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  • Desz

    That is awesome. mik is without a doubt the "best" graphic designer/baywatch God I have ever encountered. I wonder where he stands with major company designers. I think he might get a job out of this, or at least plenty of freelancing gigs from major clicks. Congrats again mik.

  • cephiros

    Mik, I can I get your autograph. Of course, I rather you be the Major Nelson of PN, than the Paris Hilton of PN. Your designs were great and hopefully the word of mouth and press coverage were picked up by Microsoft radars.

  • Rodder XP

    Nice job man!