The Married Gamers Join Platform Nation

by Chris "Lefty" Brown

PN1 Today we are proud to announce that the Married Gamers Podcast are now members of the Platform Nation.  Platform Nation is a collaboration of several popular gaming podcasts.   We believe working together we can have a greater voice in the gaming community, and act as central hub for our listener base, source for game news, contests, and above all an impetus for fun and camaraderie.

Kelly and myself are excited to be a part of this fantastic community, and to take part in a vibrant network of podcasters.  I invite our listeners to visit the Platform Nation website, to join the Platform Nation forums, and to listen to the other Platform Nation affiliated shows.  While our own forums will continue unabated, we will have a few special contests, and a maintain a valuable place on the Platform Nation forums as well. 

The Married Gamers are hosted and owned by Chris and Kelly Brown.  We’ve been married for just over eleven years, and podcasting for nearly one.  Our community forums are growing every day, and we are very proud to say that our community are the friendliest group of eager gamers you’ll find on the internet.  Kelly and I want to thank our community to making our forums such a great place to dwell, and we invite members of the Platform Nation to check us out as we will be checking out the Platform Nation and the other PN affiliated podcasts’ forums out as well.  We are all invited to the dance, and we’ll have no wall-sitters here!

We at the Married Gamers would like to especially thank Steve519 for his help with the transition, GamerEdie for her kind words about our podcast and its place in Platform Nation.  Kelly and myself would also like to thank Ooopy from The Blue Skittle for keeping us open and honest about who we are as members and caretakers of a larger video game community.

We love the video game podcast community, no matter what network, big or small we feel everyone has a special voice in it.  The Married Gamers will continue to collaborate with video game podcasts, no matter what party, console, or network lines, but our hearth and home rests with the Platform Nation.   Onward and upward.

For more information about upcoming Platform Nation announcements listen to the next episode of The Married Gamers, episode 53 being released late Wednesday, early Thursday.

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  • Steven Artlip

    welcome to the community!

  • Jay900

    nice i love the show glad it's on PN now

  • charmedpower

    Awesome, great news! Looking forward to the future shows 😀

  • CooperHawkes

    WELCOME!! We've got cool people here, enjoy!

  • Mr_B4

    Nice to see another show join our great community.

  • cephiros

    This just proves that podcasts at Platform Nation are all I need. Very few of my non gaming podcasts are outside of this network. Welcome, to the PN Lefty and MrsLefty

  • Desz

    Welcome to PN!!

  • Rodder XP

    Squad XP welcomes you to PN!

  • cbrown93704

    Thanks folks! We are really excited to be in such fine company.

  • GUI J

    Congrats guys, its awesome that we are getting another great show on PN. I cant wait to have you guys on the pub! Im going on my 10 year anny with Mrs.GUI J!