Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath Review

Game Review: Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath

Release: June 23, 2008

Genre: Real Time Strategy

Developer: Electronic Arts Los Angeles

Platform: Xbox 360

Player(s): 1 local (2-4 players via XBOX Live)

MSRP: Xbox 360 ($39.99)

ESRB Rating: T


If you have played Command and Conquer before, you will be pleased to see graphics which you are accustomed to. The environments are detailed well with architecture and the debris of warfare. The character models have some detail but the vehicles are the ones that stand out. The tanks and other variations look very nice. Also the explosions and other effects are nice touches.


The musical score for this game is good, but not good enough for anyone to remember. The voices are very repetitive. I wish there were more lines of dialogue for each class. Be prepared to hear, “We got the rockets,” many, many times over. The strong points in this title are the sound effects, great explosions, mechanical sounds, etc.


This Command and Conquer title has been stripped down to a simpler game, perhaps to allow those not familiar with RTS titles to play. The controls are improved over previous C&C games and are not intimidating. There are three modes to choose from: Campaign, Kane’s Challenge, and Skirmish. The campaign has 13 missions as you play as Kane’s army, the NOD. The missions are long and drawn out. Some may find these tedious and boring, though there are variations such as escorts and throwing everything you can conjure at the enemy forces. Though the campaign only offers you the NOD, Kane’s Challenge allows you to play with nine different factions that pits the gamer against the computer for play.

The nicest part of this game is the multiplayer, and this portion of C&C 3: Kane’s Wrath will keep people playing this for a while. There are five types of game modes: Versus, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Siege, and Capture and Hold. Also you can take command of the nine different factions, all with their own strengths and weaknesses.

The B-Movie custscenes are here and of course you will find the traditional quality of acting that will have you laughing. There are some notable celebrities you will recognize.


The control scheme is easy to follow and you will not lose control over your troops with this game. The wheel system is categorized and gamers should not see a problem with picking up this title and hoping into the action. The only downfall I could see was the camera did not zoom out as far as I would have liked.


The single player options will keep people busy for a little while, but the strongest piece of this game is the multiplayer. As I stated, the campaign only offers the NOD, but the Skirmish and Kane’s Challenge will give you some variety of battle that keeps the score of replay rather high.


Although true C&C fans might feel this is shaved down from a true form of the franchise, at the price of $39.99, this is not a bad one to pick up. You can dabble with the single player, but if you are a seasoned player of C&C or RTS games, then go ahead and jump right into the multiplayer.


If you like Command and Conquer, RTS games, or a challenging multiplayer game, then Kane’s Wrath is a must—and the price is just right. If you haven’t played an RTS, if anything, definitely rent it.

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  • Clanky McDougall

    Awesome review… I hate RTS games but your words almost make me wanna give this game a try. Almost!!!… lol… Keep the awesome reviews coming Eternal.

  • BigSmooth8

    Good review. I'm not a fan of this type of game but it seems to be good. I think a B is a proper score for this type of game.