Lost Planet Movie

I was shocked when I heard Lost Planet was getting a movie. I personally didn’t enjoy the game at all and had a difficult time playing it. The game was basically a snowy take on Starship Trooper, and was difficult for me to grasp the story. Maybe the movie will do good, but the last game released was the first game in the series.

Film continues its glacier-slow approach to theaters.
By Steve Watts, 07/11/2008 (

We’ve recently been privy to juicy scuttlebutt that suggests the Lost Planet movie adaptation will be coming our way in 2011. Details on the rumored project have been few and far between, but our sources say that Warner Bros. will indeed be the distributor, with Capcom and Seaside Films co-producing.

We had previously heard that David Hayter (of Metal Gear Solid series fame) was in talks to pen the screenplay for Warner Bros, so further word that the WB is handling distribution seems to add credence to it. But even with Hayter potentially behind the script, will Lost Planet fans still be anticipating the movie in three years time? Perhaps a well-timed sequel could help….

If we get lucky this movie won’t suck. Then again your looking at a huge fan of the Resident Evil Series. That includes the movies.

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