..and I’m all out of bubblegum.

Before the term “Surfing the web..” was even close to being an understand colloquialism, there were these places called “bulletin boards” which was really nothing but a computer that accepted “dial-up” calls from other computers and allowed you to “communicate” with them.

Times have changed, but I remember first discovering them and thinking I’d hit the jackpot.

Finding demos of games, talking with other game heads in what now seems like a ludicrous method, it was here that I discovered my first forray into FPS gaming.

His name, was Blake Stone.

It was only a demo, I never actually played the full game, just the first five levels, but it got to the point that my dad told me to knock off playing it at his job. Heck, to download the thing it took all night.

The company that created Blake, was called Apogee, they also made a little guy by the name of Duke Nukem.





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