MS Annoucement 4: XBLA Games are “Still Alive”

What’s a Microsoft E3 Briefing without some mention of Xbox Live Arcade games coming out this year?

There’s a few that we’ve all been waiting for… in fact, I can hear Engineer Kevin piddling himself.

Look in the next few months (or longer):

  • Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved: This sequel to the incredibly addictive arcade title is more of the same insanity, but that’s a good thing. Entire waves of foes blanket the screen. Twitch gaming at its finest. Releases in August.
  • Galaga Legions: Yes, you read that right. After two decades an update to Galaga. Holy mother of Moses, it looks cool! Releases in August.
  • Portal: Still Alive: Do I need to say anything more? GLADoS is back, and she still doesn’t care. Fall 2008 exclusive to Xbox Live Arcade.
  • Untitled South Park Game: Why bother talking about it, since it’ll be a year or more before you see it. Releases 2009.

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  • Scott

    cant wait to see what the South Park game will bring and of course Portal: Still alive

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Great additions to the XBLA library. I don't buy games on the Arcade but these are tempting.