All the consoles have the motion control controllers, all besides Mircosoft. Will This E3 prove us wrong?

By 1UP Staff, 07/13/2008

Rumor: Microsoft to Introduce a Motion-Sensing Controller:

With Nintendo and Sony both implementing motion-control to their latest consoles, Microsoft is already a little behind the curve of the industry’s direction…in controller technology at least. We first heard rumors that the controller, codenamed “Newton,” had been in development since August. The rumor went on to speculate that Microsoft licensed patents from Gyration for the device, the same company behind the Wiimote’s motion-sensing capabilities.

Rather than slowly dying the way false rumors usually do, this one has spawned various new bits of speculation. When word surfaced of a new user interface for the Xbox 360, it was purported to be gesture-based, with rumblings that Schematic, the design group that imagined the computer interfaces for the sci-fi movie Minority Report, would be helming the new project. More recently, a preview trailer for Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts stoked the fire when the video commentator, Ken Lobb, mentioned twisting the controller. The preview seemed to show Kazooie herself twisting a traditional-looking Xbox 360 controller as well, and for many that settled it. Microsoft has since flatly denied this evidence, saying Lobb was only referring to the left analog stick.

And late last week, Gizmodo reported on a motion-control device (also supposedly codenamed Newton, pictured above) in development from Motus. If this is in fact the mystery controller Microsoft plans on unveiling, it’s quite intriguing, as it has several distinct differences from Nintendo’s Wii-mote and Sony’s Sixaxis. For one, no motion sensor strips are required — the company describes it as “self-contained” — and it can function as a single longer wand-like device or be split into two smaller controllers, leading to a number of interesting possibilities.

Chances are that Microsoft’s legendary motion-sensing controller is really in development — whether it comes in the same form as Motus’s wand or as something else entirely — but the GUI and Banjo rumors may be only that. Still, if the controller has been in development since last August, a full year could be long enough to start showing off the goods.

Personally I hate this. The Xbox 360 is the only console without any type of motion control. It has sold great without, it has never been something that the 360 needed. This generation wasn’t about motion control gaming until Nintendo announced the Revoultion (Wii) would have that feature. Then Sony decided to add motion control and I have seen that work very well (Sarcasim). Each system should have something that makes it unque. If all the systems start coping each other then we might be in some trouble.

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