Your E3 2008 News Update

by Chris Brown

XBox360 press conference at E3 in Los Angeles, Monday July 14, 2008. Photo by Mark Avery

Where is our crack writing staff?  For the moment, you are looking at him.  Keep checking The Married gamers for more comprehensive coverage of E3 2008, but for now here are only some of the announcements made on Monday, July 14, 2008:

  • This Fall, the Xbox 360 will get a reworking of its dashboard.   Xbox Live members will make use of customizable avatars, which were created by Rare.  These avatars can be used in what has been coined, Live Party, in which you and seven additional friends can chat, share photos, watch movies, and play games together in what is promised will be a seamless environment.
  • Xbox Live Primetime is announced.  It can be used with Live Party and features game shows that can actually win you real stuff.  The game show 1 in 100 is the first title announced for XBL Primetime.
  • Microsoft announced that they will be partnering with the internet movie rental service, Netflix to bring Watch Instantly service to the Xbox 360.  Xbox Live Gold Members who are also Netflix subscribers will have access to the Watch Instantly catalogue of films and television shows.  They will be able to share these movies with friends in a viewing party. All members of the Live Party must be XBL Gold and Netflix subscribers.  Movies will be in standard definition and will be streamed to the Xbox 360.
  • With the Fall Dashboard update, you will be able to install your game discs directly to your Xbox 360 Hard Drive.
  • You will be able to purchase everything from the Xbox Live marketplace through the website after the Fall dashboard update.
  • Gears of War has a release date of November 7, 2008.  The game will have a new co-op mode called Horde in which up to five players can fight against an endless horde of locusts.
  • Final Fantasy XIII will be released on the Xbox 360 the same day it gets released on the PS3, the only exception being in Japan.
  • Fable 2 is finished and will be ready for an October release.
  • Fallout 3 will have Xbox 360 and Games for Windows exclusive downloadable content.
  • Resident Evil 5 will be released Friday, March 13, 2009 and will feature co-op campaign play in addition to single-player.
  • The Xbox 360 exclusive karaoke singing game, Lips was announced for release this Holiday. 
  • An Xbox Live Cam centric game, You’re In The Movies was announced.  Players perform actions which get insert into some original B-Movie footage.
  • Several Xbox Live Arcade games were announced including Geometry Wars 2 (coming in August), Uno Rush, Galaga Legions,  Portal: Still Alive, South Park, Galaga
  • The N64 title Banjo Kazooie is coming to XBLA later this year.
  • NBC/Universal are now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.
  • A limited edition Red/Black and a Green wireless Xbox 360 controller will be available in late September.

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