Sony Announcement 3: Grand Turismo TV

If the downloading of video to your PS3 via the store wasn’t enough, with Grand Turismo 5 Prologue, you’ll have even more stuff to look at next month.

Starting August 1, Sony will launch Grand Turismo TV, a feature of the GT5 Prologue that will allow you pay-per-view distribution of automotive television shows and video features from around the globe in high definition.

What kind of shows and features? Footage from racing events. World exclusive behind-the-scenes with Ferrari builders. In depth looks at test tracks. Top performance automotive television programming like BBC’s “Top Gear.”

If it’s about cars and it’s on tape, it will be on GT TV.

This is a great idea for the serious gearheads, but I just wonder if even that might be too much except for the slimmest exception to the GT fanbase. As a pay-per-view, wouldn’t you guys rather spend your money on cars and not shows about cars?

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