Sony Announcement 4: Game Dates, or Not

For all the big news Sony made about new games in the distant future and new features launching right away, there was scant little about games we’re already waiting for.

Here’s what’s coming when (unless otherwise noted):

  • Resistance 2: No date noted. Looks cool. Debuted new level: Twin Falls, ID.
  • LittleBigPlanet: Finally a date! October 2008.
  • 130 titles coming to PS2, including Yakuza 2, Madden XX, and Mercenaries 2.
  • Lego Batman: Gets a PS2 bundle pack! But no date. Pack ships with a PS2, a copy of Lego Batman and a copy of new animated movie Justice League the New Frontier for $149.
  • Greatest Hits program comes to PS3. Games to cost $29 each and will include Resistance: Fall of Man, Motorstorm, Warhawk, Call of Duty 3, Fight Night, Need for Speed Carbon, Rainbow Six Vegas, Assassin’s Creed, Oblivion: Elder Scrolls and Ninja Gaiden.
  • PSP to get a new bundle pack: Rachet and Clank – Size Matters pack includes a silver PSP, a copy of National Treasures 2 on UMD, a 1 Gig Memory Duo stick, and a copy of Ratchet and Clank for $199.
  • PSP game highlights include Star Wars: Force Unleashed; Madden NFL 09; LocoRoco 2; NBA 09 The Inside; Super Stardust Portable; Lego Batman; Patapon 2; Buzz Master Quiz; and Valkyria Chronicles.
  • Playstation Home: Will have rooms with different visual themes in the style of different games (Drake’s Fortune, Fall of Man), and they will serve as lobbies for games. No date of release mentioned.

We have to run off to our next appointment. So stay tuned for more stuff. Sony had a lot to say, and we want to get it all down for you.

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  • Scott

    Dont forget Resistance for the PSP and I cant wait for Resistance 2 and the Greatest Hits what a buy