Bungie’s E3 Announcement Pulled

The rumors are true.

Bungie’s homepage confirms that their big E3 announcement has been pulled. For weeks, rumors have been swirling that Bungie would be announcing a new FPS multiplayer that did NOT feature Master Chief. To fuel the gossip fire even further, Bungie mentioned they were becoming a multi-game studio during their ‘Cold Storage’ map announcement video on Bungie Day.

Unfortunately, to the dismay of Bungie’s hardcore fans, Microsoft’s presentation at E3 went on without the much anticipated announcement. And to make matters worse, the Halo Wars release is now pushed back to 2009 as well.

Now, with Bungie’s website confirming that something has indeed gone awry, Bungie’s President, Harold Ryan, is asking fans for their, ‘…support and patience.’ Hopefully, as Microsoft and Bungie work out their differences, Halo fans will not take their aggressions out on the disappointed developers, but work it out on their favorite H3 map instead.

– Mommy DX

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