Themes make the transition

by Erik “Z thirteen07″ Johnsen

This year at the 2008 E3, Microsoft promised a completely new Xbox Experience to be coming to users this fall. During the MS press conference on Monday, July 14, the new Avatar and Dashboard make up was unveiled.

Using a slick new interface and a highly customizable avatar, the Xbox is getting a facelift this coming fall, after about three years of the blade interface that was beginning to appear old and tired.

The question has been raised about gamerpics and themes previously purchased in the Xbox Live Marketplace. Are they going to be phased out? With the new avatars, it looked that way at first. However, you can see here that the themes are going to be integrated into the new dashboard, in the background.

In the upper-right hand corner you can also see a little avatar face in a square box that could easily be interchangeable with the gamerpics.

The new set up does look a little familiar. Both in looks and functionality, and the question remains if hardcore gamers are going to like the cartoonish look to their dashboard. But, it’s a clear sign that MS was listening when the rumors of the avatars broke that gamers were concerned about their spent points for themes and gamerpics.

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