This Man Is A Gaming God

Shigeru Miyamoto is on a short list of people who are gaming gods to me.  Tim Schaffer, Will Wright, Hideo Kojima, Casey Hudson, Shigeru Miyamoto. 

A gaming god is a person who makes games, does not apologize for their love of the games, does not allow the game to make them egotistical assholes, and keeps themselves grounded and humble when they are around the people that love their games.

If Sony had created Mii’s, within ten minutes of it’s announcement, Sony would have slammed them so hard that Bill Gate’s great grandfather would have felt it.  So when Microsoft introduced Avatar’s, a sly little system that is sort of in between Home and Mii’s (More so with Mii’s) you would think it’s original creator would be pissed.

But this is Shigeru Miyamoto.


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