Wii Dead Rising

Wait, hold up, this has got to be a mistake. Porting an Xbox 360 game to the Wii. Sure the property belongs to Capcom, and the box for Dead Rising even says it is only for the Xbox 360. Then again Star Wars: Rouge Squardren was ported to the PC. Hopefully this port won’t be as bad as say the port of Starcraft from the PC to the Nintendo 64.

Port aims to be as faithful as possible to the 360 original.
By Mark Whiting, 07/16/2008 (
Strangely absent from Capcom’s E3 press conference was any substantial mention of Dead Rising (or more specifically Dead Rising 2) — a fact which no doubt irked Capcom fans hungry for more zombie mayhem.

As you scratch your heads, ponder today’s revelation that the original Dead Rising will soon be headed to the Wii. Kotaku has some scans up today from Famitsu magazine clearly showing Frank West and Isabella hunkered down amidst hordes of zombies on Nintendo’s console. Additional info translated over on ShackNews also suggests the addition of a new Resident Evil ‘over the shoulder’ camera view and new Wii-specific controls for all your improvised-weaponry needs.

Although no official dates were mentioned, the scans do seem to show an as-faithful-as-possible translation of the original Xbox 360 title. Although a Wii port will necessitate some kind of visual reduction, Capcom stresses that their intention is to translate Dead Rising’s trademark zombie hordes as cleanly as possible within the Wii’s hardware limitations. Crazy, you say? Perhaps all the cash Capcom made from the Resident Evil 4 Wii port helped to sway a few non-believers.

Even though the Wii port of Resident Evil 4 was reviewed as a great game, Dead Rising isn’t the same game. Dead Rising is very tough on the 360, with Wii controls the game might be even more difficult. Hopefully this port can be done some justice. Maybe add the rumored co-op that was suppose to be DLC for the game. At least now Wii owners get to know what zombies are made of, litterally.

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